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An Introduction to Strength & Mobility with the MSA Band & Double Ball

This Free Intro will cover why and how to use the MSA Band & MSA Double Release Balls. 

What you'll get:

  • This course will get you fit, give you the tools to use your movement tool anywhere, and teach others how to do it!

  • Using the MSA band and MSA double balls, we will bring more functionality to your existing practice and challenge your ability to stabilize, strengthen and stretch.

  • Cover the theory behind resistance work and why this tool is so handy for any home practice or assistance work to improve technique, alignment, movement, strength, mobility and breath.

[ You can purchase the MSA Strap & Ball on our site or email: [email protected] ]

What People Are Saying:

I found the course very instructive and see a lot of potential to incorporate the strap into normal lessons but also in private lessons. The course was really well structured and I now feel confident using the strap. I use the strap regularly in my practice and think it's great.

S. Telley/

The modules are designed in a meaningful, building and appealing way. The combination of videos and script makes learning easy and varied. Stefanie's competent, calm, positive manner, enormous, profound, wide-ranging knowledge, and many years of experience are the icing on the cake!

M. Vossen/